Merry melodies

Ellie gives a shout out to the BEST Christmas carols of all time...

It’s official: DOLLY HQ has a serious case of Christmas fever. Our managing editor Rosie has been humming Christmas songs left, right and centre for at least a month, while features writer Nat organised our office Kris Kringle dressed up as the big dude himself.

So with yesterday marking the first day of December (as well as the first day I cracked into my choc-filled advent calendar), the team decided to look back at some of the awesome Chrissy carols we have loved since, well, forever.

The DOLLY Christmas playlist

“I love ‘All I Want For Christmas’ because it reminds me of my favourite festive movie, Love Actually. I could listen to it 300 times in a row and never get sick of it.” Digital content manager, Liz

“I always loved the Disney’s Family Christmas Collection album. I had it on tape as a kid and we used to play it until it broke!” Fashion editor, Alissa

“I love ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’. It just reminds me of being in a big department store Christmas shopping with my mum.” Features editor, Jess B

“I would say it’s the theme tune from Home Alone. Yes, I know, not exactly a carol, but it screams Christmas to me!” Features writer, Dani

“‘Jingle Bells’ makes me feel like I’m sitting in Santa’s sleigh, delivering presents around the world. It just makes me so happy! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!” Features writer, Nat

“I dust off Bublé’s Chrissy album every December. I love each song but a special mention goes to ‘Santa Baby’. It’s smooth and gets me swaying in my seat.” Sub-editor, Jacqui

“While all my friends start whinging in October because the shopping centre is already blasting carols, I can’t stop smiling. My favourite carol is ‘Happy Christmas – War Is Over’, because it has such a great meaning.” Managing editor, Rosie

Ellie McDonald