Watch the BRAND NEW trailer for Miley Cyrus' new TV show!

Hannah? Dat you?

By Sammy Stewart

If you thought this ICONIC scene from Hannah Montana was the last time Miley ever wore that blonde wig, you're wrong.

We said goodbye to Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart 2011, but it seems she's ~low-key~ BACK!

The BRAND NEW trailer for Miley Cyrus' new TV show by Woody Allen is HERE and it's definitely no Hannah Montana remake...

Along with her long, blonde, wavy hair and ~colourful~ poncho, it's almost like this new character- which so far we know is a ~hippy~ who's gone to live with a family in the suburbs- is Miley IRL and Hannah morphed into one.

So far, all we know about Crisis in Six is that it's a six-episode comedy created and directed by Woody Allen that will be streamed on Amazon. It take in the United States during the 1960's when a middle class suburban family is visited by a guest (aka Miley) who turns their household completely upside down.

Defs watching this one.

Crisis in Six Scenes debuts on Friday, Sept. 30 on Amazon Prime Video.