Watch this model get naked on a train to prove a point

Sure, why not?

By Bianca Mastroianni
Model Iskra Lawrence gets naked on train for body-image

Well this is a very effective way to gain attention.

On Sunday, model Iskra Lawrence decided the only way she could share her message would be by stripping off on a very busy train in NYC.

She released a V powerful video on YouTube, which shows her undressing and giving a speech about developing a positive relationship with your body and respecting it just the way it is.

"I want to talk about the most important relationship we have in our lives, and that's the one we have with ourselves," she says in the video. "I want to make myself vulnerable today so you can see truly the journey I've come on with my own body and how I feel about myself today. So I'm going to reveal myself to you to prove that we are in control of how we feel about ourselves. No one else holds our self-worth but us."

"Please, when you look in the mirror when you get home, don't pick out your insecurities," she continued. "Do not look at the things society told you wasn't good enough, because you are so much more than that. Look at your body and see why we appreciate it: what it does for us; our strength; what we are grateful for."

This comes as part of a campaign called #UNMUTED, which aims to "release the unspoken conversations we hold within us".