A transgender teen is being sued by her mum and it's horrible


By Bianca Mastroianni

Ugh - in the most awful news ever, a mother is suing her 17-year-old transgender daughter for seeking gender reassignment without her "approval". Ick.

According to Jezebel, Anmarie Calgaro is specifically challenging state laws that allow emancipated minors to access health care and medical procedures without parental consent.

It kind of goes against the whole "emancipation" aspect, don't ya think?

The publication reveals that Minnesota law allows any minor in the state that lives separately from their parents and who is financially independent to "give efficient consent to personal medical, dental, mental, and other health services," without receiving permission from a parent or legal guardian.

NBC News has reported that the teen filmed for emancipation (which is like divorcing your parents), stating that her mother said she "no longer wishes to have any contact" with her daughter.

This is messy :(.

Throughout the conference, her mother misgendered her the entire time, using male pronouns and describing her as "son", despite a doctor's letter attesting that the teen "has had appropriate, permanent clinical treatment for transition to the new female gender."

She has been receiving hormone therapy for nearly a year, and is turning 18 next July. Hopefully, things will get sorted between the mother and daughter, but til then, respect everyone y'all.