My favourite flirty texts...

This month, DOLLY blogger Alli Simpson shares her top tips for sending a flirty text.

Alli Simpson: Top Flirty Texts

This month, DOLLY blogger Alli Simpson shares her top tips for sending a flirty text.

Girls! Ever been stuck on what to text a guy to show him you’re interested?
I came up with a couple flirty text ideas to help you start the conversation with your ultimate crush...

  1. "Morning sleepyhead… Hope you have a great day! x" or "Good Morning" – The fact that you’re texting him first thing lets him know he’s on your mind when you wake up. You also plant the seed to be on his mind that day too!

  1. "Sweet dreams" or "Goodnight, Sweet dreams" – In the same way that a "Good morning" text shows him you're thinking of him first thing, this shows he's the last thing you think of at night. Amazing how these simple words can be filled with flirty subtext! Sometimes keeping it simple is best.

  1. If it’s his birthday... "Hey, birthday boy! Made your wish yet?" - Stand out from all the other “happy birthday” texts by sending this flirty message instead! It will make him think, which is always a plus!

  1. If you’re out somewhere, doing something fun... "Hey you, [explain what you are doing] and finish with "wish you were here!" - This gives him the idea that you are thinking about him, wishing he was by your side – even when you’re doing something fun.

  1. A cute way to initiate hang-time... "Can’t study anymore. Save me?" or "This homework is a drag. Save me?" - There’s no sweeter reward after studying all day than seeing the guy you’re into. Your crush will love knowing he’s who you think of when you want to do something fun!

  1. If you’re going to a party or a gathering that he will be at also, or even just at school... "Come find me tonight" or "Come find me today, hehe" - This text lets your crush know that you want to see him. It also makes it sound like a fun game, guys dig that.

  1. Who says girls can’t ask guys out... "None of my friends want to see (insert movie here) with me tonight, would you be down?" - Text this to your crush right before the weekend. Hello, date night! Simple as that.

  1. If you’re feeling very flirty, or a little cheeky... "Serious issue: Can’t stop thinking about you." - If this doesn’t make him smile, then I don’t know what would! A little flattery goes a long way when it comes to flirty texting!

  1. "Bored at home... Up for a Sunday Funday?" – Show your crush your spontaneous side with this fun text! He’d love to see he’s who you go to for a fun day!

  1. "Hey you" – These two basic words are pretty telling and will make him think of a good response. I prefer it without the winky face, but if you’re feeling extra flirty, why not throw it in?

If you use any of these, Tweet me and let me know how it goes! ;)

Good luck, girls...

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