Netflix have made a MAJOR announcement

This is actually life changing.

By Matt Galea
Netflix have announced that they'll release 20 new TV series'

We have no doubt that by the time the summer holz are over, you will have watched every single TV series on Netflix. Twice.

You’ll feel like you’re one of the Stranger Things gang, you will have drawn up your own ‘A’ conspiracy theory board and you’ll walk into your kitchen every morning and expect to be greeted by Lorelai and Rory, only to be disappointed that they’re not your fam IRL.

Then when the hype from all of Netflix’s current shows are over, you’ll be craving something new…

Well, the ~geniuses~ at Netflix have anticipated this lil problem, okay, MAJOR problem, so they’re currently working on 1,000 hours of brand spanking new and original content.

Chief content officer Ted Sarandos revealed to Variety that Netflix will unleash 20 new series’ onto their epic streaming platform to go forth and take over our lives.

We hope your new year’s resolution isn’t to be a ~social butterfly~, ‘cos it looks like you’re gonna be spending a loooootta time in front of the telly in 2017!