PSA: You can now delete sent messages BEFORE they get read, what a time to be alive

We've all felt that DREAD before.

By Bianca Mastroianni
You can now delete sent texts before they get read

If you're a spontaneous text sender, risk taker and rule breaker... then this new app called "Privates" might save you from some sticky situations you've defs found yourself in before.

We have ALL been there: you send a text and instantly regret it or maybe you send a risqué message to THE WRONG PERSON!

Talk about high anxiety levels.

This new app allows you to recall messages instantly, well at least up until the person you have sent it to opens the actual message.

Privates App
Privates App

You've got to work quick - which is still better than feeling that eternal shame.

The recalled message simply vanishes - it's even removed from the server. It's like it never existed - WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY?!

It's currently available to download for free from the Apple store and we are 3000% sure the genius behind this invention has sent one too many regretful texts in their time.