Emojis that will make your inner girl-boss go 'YAAAS' are arriving

It's about damn time.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If you scroll through your emoji keyboard, you might notice that the females are limited to princess or bride.

While most of us dream of being a princess/brides, we also have other aspirations and goals ya know?!


When you look at the male emoji, you'll see they're decked out with policemen, doctors, detectives etc etc - all the jobs that are supposedly for 'males'.

WELL, obviously someone who we can assume is a woman has had enough of the misrepresentation because thanks to these four Google engineers submitting a proposal to Unicode Consortium, emojis are about to change.

Rachel Been, Agustin Fonts, Nicole Bleuel, and Mark Davis (okay, so only two were women...) decided that emojis needed more diversity when it came to women's careers.

Today, the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee has announced via this blog post that changes are coming. Google says you can have the option to now change the gender of 33 existing male-specific emojis. For example, the running man, soldier, swimmers ETC.

There will also be an additional 11 female emojis (with the option to change to male, of course coz fair's fair) who are rock stars, computer programmers, teachers and even a chef! Wooooo.


Just like our emojis now, skin colour options will still be available. Fingers crossed these will be available in the next update; iOS 10. Making a difference one emoji at a time. Claps all-round.