Are these the new iPhone headphones?

We’re all ears, like, literally.

By Natasha Harding

With the iPhone 7 suspected release date fast approaching, one of the main changes floated by the tech heads is that the latest model will come with a new audio setup and this leaked iPhone 7 video appears to show exactly that.

Rather than using your existing earplugs or beloved Beats, the clip supports rumours that Apple have done away with the headphone jack, replacing it with a single lightning port and a brand-spanking new set of ear buds.

Before you go on strike, tech-heads are also pretty sure there’s gonna be a headphone-to-lightning-port adapter which means you could still technically use your existing headphones (even if you might look like a bit of a geek in the process).

From the video, the new EarPods look nearly identical in appearance and function to the existing Apple headphones - same shape, colour and volume buttons - but the jury’s still out on whether there will be added benefits to the change.

It’s worth noting that although this video might be hella convincing (since the guy in the clip appears to operate the device through the EarPods), it’s still just a rumour and it seems nothing’s going to be #confirmed before the new model is expected to hit shelves on September 16.

Until then...