This new 'Pretty Little Liars' trailer is dark af

Scared IRL.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Pretty Little Liars new scary trailer


As you may know, the final season of Pretty Little Liars is about to drop & ruin all our lives.

We've seen some trailers here and there that have prepared us for a scary af season, but THIS one takes the cake.

Season 7A ended with a bang, revealing that Spencer is actually Mary Drake's daughter. This clip however, opens with a shot of the tower in which Charlotte was murdered, before showing the girls running through the halls of Rosewood High to Mona's voice saying, "We swim around in this fishbowl like we are in control. We are not." She continues, "There's always been somebody watching, manipulating."

It continues on to show the standard shocked faces with Emily asking Ali, "What did 'A.D.' make you do?", and the girls being locked away in a classroom.

All the standard creepiness we've come to love about the show, really.

Watch the trailer below, while we countdown the days 'til April 18th.