This new PLL trailer pretty much confirms Hanna is going to die

Looks like we can’t #SaveHanna after all…

By Bianca Mastroianni

Okay, I. Marlene King, we get it... you're great at creating suspense but PLZ STAHP!

The most recent trailer for season 7 of Pretty Little Liars has just been released and shows further proof of Hanna being killed.

The first promo initially hinted Hanna could be in grave danger due to the #SaveHanna tag that flashed on the screen, but now it seems even more legit.

Could a liar actually die for what could be the end of the show? Could your emotions handle it being Hanna, the sass kween of Rosewood?

Fact: we see Hanna's noticeably limp body being dragged down a corridor, Aria reads a text from Uber A saying "The bell tolls for Hanna," and there are a bunch of other creepy-as-hell scenes with Hanna looking deader than dead, just sayin'.

#NeverForget when Ashley Benson revealed to ET back in March that her fate was "questionable."

The season premieres June 21st on Freeform, so get your fuzzy socks, tissues and chocolate ready.