A brand spankin' new trailer for 'Beauty and the Beast' shows Belle and Beast fall in lurrrrve

AND there's an amazing new poster.

By Bianca Mastroianni

We've seen SO much Beauty and the Beast promo now, and we're thirrrrsty for even more.

Well, Disney listened and delivered. This time round we get a trailer that is FULL of flirting. Finally.

The latest trailer we finally get a look at how Beast and Belle start to fall in love after her kidnapping. Some may call it Stockholm syndrome... but us romantics love this classic way too much not to feel the lurve in this teaser.

We've also been #gifted with another poster.

Okay, we know we're on Beast's side and all, and Gaston is a royal douche... but damn he looks good in this poster.

We hope you're ready for March 23rd! We sure are.