If you’re obsessed with ‘Pretty Little Liars’ then ‘T@gged’ will officially be your new binge-watch

And it’s already aired!

By Bianca Mastroianni

When you're as obsessed with addictive TV series as much as we are, then a fresh show will ~always~ get attention.

The newest show to binge on is called T@gged, and it's basically Pretty Little Liars 2.0. How? Because it's all about that #stalker life, but this time it shows the dangers of social media.

While the liars got harrassed by ~A~, these three high-school girls Hailey (Lia Marie Johnson), Rowan (Lulu Antariksa), and Elisia (Katelyn Nacon) get stalked by "monkeyman", as he links them to a horrifying vid leading to a death. Dun dun dunnnn...

Like typical teenagers (and the rest of the world), the girls are avid social media users - Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc - and this show reveals just how easy it is to access people's privacy through the internet. EEK!!

Lia Marie Johnson, who established a career through her YouTube channel spoke to TeenVogue about the new hit show.

"I think one thing people could take away from this show is that not everything online is safe, and you have to be careful what you choose to do on the internet. [The show] gives you an idea of what teens face as they navigate through the mobile world."

BRB, changing all our privacy settings.

T@agged is currently only available to stream on the Go90 app, which is not in Oz just yet so fingers crossed it'll get picked up by a network V soon.