This is what happens when you buy your formal dress from dodgy sites


By Bianca Mastroianni
Online shopping formal dress

The World Wide Web is a wonderful place.

It has opened up ALL the possibilities in farrshun and for that we have thanked the style gods.

BUT, with the good comes the bad. Real bad.

16-year-old Chloe Bradley decided to purchase her formal dress on the site, and we can guarantee she regrets that decision now.

The website offers 'made-to-measure' dresses, so it should literally be the perfect fit... but she was left bitterly disappointed with what she received in the mail.

Shillas | Emma Bradley
Shillas | Emma Bradley

The ~gown~ cost her UK£120 (AU$230) so you would expect perfection...

Chloe's mum described the fitting experience as, "Trying it on was like a limbo dance into a badly fitting arrangement of material."


Emma Bradley
Emma Bradley

"She tried putting it on over her head, then stepping into it, but to no avail. It simply didn't fit in the right places. I was devastated and Chloe was desperately frustrated."

Don't do this to us online shopping, we rely on you way too much.

Chloe isn't the only one who has ordered a ~fancy~ formal dress and ended up with a potato sack.

Here are some of the most outrageous #FAILS:

Alivia Briggs


Easiest game of spot the difference ever.

Juliet Jacob

Juliet Jacoby / Twitter
Juliet Jacoby / Twitter

Stacy Boddy

We might stick to IRL shopping for our upcoming formals, just sayin'.