You #NEED these ~adorable~ phone accessories to live your best life

Selfie game: stronger; phone: prettier.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Let's face it, you spend more time with your phone than you do your BFF... we'll take it as far as to say your phone probably is your BFF.


Bae is always there for us, in ways we once thought never possible. But did you know there is even MORE your phone can do for you?!

Here are some of the most FAB accessories you can spend your pennies on to pimp up your phone in a way that will benefit YOU in the best ways ever.

Lumee Case

If you haven't yet noticed how on freaking point all the Kardashian's selfies are, then you are about to have your mind blown. You may give credit to their epic glam teams or expenny makeup, but they seriously have this case to thank.

The Lumee Case is a rechargeable case that has makeup-mirror-type lights on the sides to help create your most flawless selfie ever.

You can get your own here.


THESE are revolutionary!!!

Ever thought your hand might fall off/you're about to drop your precious phone whilst trying to take a selfie? Well this absolutely GENIUS invention by PopSocket will change your life.

The cute little round device sticks onto the back of your phone and can be popped out so you can wrap your fingers around it and NOT DROP YOUR PHONE!!

Bet you haven't even noticed Gigi is an avid user... maybe because they're SO CUTE!

You can get your own here.

Good luck making a decision, they're all cute as hell.


Sure, there are like a bazillion places to get cool phone cases, but Casetify really stands out.

Not only because of their amazing designs, but also because the interchangeable backplates allow you to mix and match the design to suit your #OOTD.

Get them here babes.

Phone cleaning FINGER SLIPPERS!!!

These are probably the cutest, most kawaii, aka cute, lil things you'll ever see.

If you, like us, get alllll the fingerprint/makeup marks on your phone screen then this little product will defs come in handy.

Genius, and adorable. Get it here.

Valfre Cases

If your phone needs more of a loud, in ya face home to lie in... then Valfre cases are where it's at.

RIP us, we just died and went to phone case heaven.