NO FREAKING WAY: Pizza Hut’s buffet-style restaurants are making a comeback

Holy heckin’ nostalgia.

If you had an epic childhood, you’ll probably recall your mum and dad treating you on your birthday (or even after school if you were really good) with a dinner at one of Pizza Hut’s beloved dine-in restaurants.

Sadly, the US-based franchise which went off in the '90s was phased out in the early 2000s. However like chokers and velvet, Pizza Hut's eat-in diner is making a forceful comeback.

"It’s all on the table at the moment," the chain’s new chief executive Lisa Ransom explained to

"There’s a great deal of heritage in the brand and we are looking at ways to do things differently. We get a lot of demand for dine-in restaurants and we’ll absolutely be looking at those opportunities moving forward."

Back in the glory days, the red-roofed establishment consisted of a buffet-style set up, where you would enjoy as much BBQ Beef as you wanted. You’d normally finish off your meal at the dessert bar and whip up something as gourmet as this masterpiece:

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So will the mini marshmallows be making a comeback? "They’re looking for us to do some different things and bring back some of the things that they love about the brand," Ransom explained.

Fingers crossed the dessert bar makes it into the cut.