One of your favourite Pretty Little Liars couples are ENGAGED!


By Sammy Stewart

Crack open the BBQ Shapes and creaming soda cos we're celebrating!

One of your favourite Pretty Little Liars couples who you've been #shipping since 2010 have gotten ENGAGED!


In the latest episode of season 7, Ezra FINALLY popped the question to Aria and it was the greatest moment of the entire series. No joke.

Basically, the episode started off with Ezra saying he visited Nicole's parents (his missing GF) in New York. Aria was like "hmm yeah k, I guess it's good for you." Not long after, Aria got a phone call from an international number and of course, thought it was damn Nicole but the rest of the Liars squad were like, "nahhh better not tell Ezra."

Anyways, right before the episode ended, Ezra called Aria and asked her to meet him. Next thing you know, Aria is walking into a room filled with candles and Ezra is down on one knee with THIS divine ring:

The ~only~ issue... well, Aria didn't exactly say yes, thanks to another pesky cliffhanger.

We guess we'll just have to wait and see if she says "yes" next week!