15 times Pretty Little Liars gave us #FriendshipGoals

Friends who fight A together, stay together <3

Okay, so maybe we don’t have the murderous ‘A’ after us in everyday life. But gotta respect the little liars for their unwavering friendship amidst all the attempts to screw them up.

  1. When they saved Spencer from the bell tower and didn’t think twice about running towards an actual murderer to save their friend.
  2. When they kept trying to bail Hannah out of jail. Orange totes wasn’t her colour…
  3. When they didn’t turn on Aria, even when she killed Shana. No biggie, right?!
  4. When they didn’t turn on Aria again, when her boyfriend was probably A. Classic Aria.
  5. When they lied to the police for Alison and backed up her kidnapping story to save her from A.
  6. When they lied to the police for Alison and backed up her kidnapping story to save her from A.
  7. When they saved Emily from being sawed in half killer kick by Aria.
  8. When they helped Spencer kick her pill addiction.
  9. When Toby (a new police officer) covered up a bloody knife – full of the Liars’ fingerprints - and risked his whole career.
  10. When Spencer saved Caleb from being burned alive in a kiln shudders.
  11. When Emily basically beat down a freezer door to save Spencer and Aria from a frozen death.
  12. When the girls tried to slow down Hannah’s drinking problem when her mum was sent to jail.
  13. When they faked hating each other to trap A.
  14. When they were stuck in A’s dollhouse and chose not to torture each other in A’s game.
  15. When they testified that they weren’t scared of Cece being released so Allison could have her sister back (it wasn’t their fault it turned out so badly).
  16. When A couldn’t turn them against each other throughout the whole damn show #miracle.


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