Tonight's Pretty Little Liars' midseason finale is gonna be the most ~hectic~ one yet

Well, that's what Shay Mitchell reckons anyway.

By Sammy Stewart

The midseason finales for Pretty Little Liars are always a stressful time for any gal who's been committed to the show.

Now that we know the series is officially on it's last lot of episodes, it seems I.Marlene King is ready to go all Queen of Hearts on us and start slaying erryone you love. Chatting with ET about this episode, Marlene revealed that there will be "at least one" death tonight and that this final season will be the "deadliest" ever.

If that wasn't enough to stress about, Shay Mitchell also spoke to E! News about how ~hectic~ it's going to be compared to the previous episodes: "This will be the most insane, hands down."

Shay added: "This will be insane. What we've shot thus far is beyond anything I could ever have imagined, but that is why our writers are so incredible."

Shay also made it clear that she trusts NO ONE.

"I always want to say never trust anybody in Rosewood, and that goes for the girls as well," she said. "I look at everybody with a little side eye—even the parents too! You never know how the season's going to wrap up."

As for ~who~ her character will end up with by the end of the episode? Well, Shay couldn't really say bit she did give Emison fans (Alison + Emily shippers) a ~little~ bit of hope.

"You can always say that you hope the Emison fans will be happy, but then you never know. Emily does have that revolving door of girlfriends. She is not having trouble in the dating world. Good for her. I wish it was the same in my life."

Get ready for the LAST midseason finale ever, folks.