12 reasons why you'd be stupid not to go see Ghostbusters

Brought to you by GHOSTBUSTERS, In Cinemas July 14

By Sammy Stewart

1. It's a modern spin on a classic 1984 movie (your parents defs would have seen it.)

2. Except it's an ALL FEMALE cast! #YASGirlPower

3. The roles are reversed and Chris Hemsworth will legit be playing a ~hot~ secretary...

4. The special effects are LIT.

5. It’s high-key gonna be the funniest movie of 2016. #Guaranteed

6. This chicks head does a 360-degree turn. #GhostProblems

7. It's perfect for fans of the ~supernatural~...

8. You can totally take your bae to see it.

9. Or you could see it with your brother. He'll love the fight scenes.

10. Even your mum will get a kick out of this ~blast from the past~.

11. Did we mention that 5SOS and Zayn are on the soundtrack?!

12. You'll no doubt be singing this the whole 24 hours/week/month after seeing the film:

Who You Gonna CaIl? Ghostbusters In Cinemas THIS Thursday July 14