14 reasons why you wanted to go to Camp Rock

You’ll defs pick up some swaggin’ dance moves.

By Sammy Stewart

1. Camp Rock is low-key THE place to go if you wanna be ~FaMous~

2. Because CONNECT 3 aka The Jonas Brothers were gonna be there.

3. Which means you get to see Joe Jonas ~irL~

4. You might get to hug Nick Jonas…

5. You’ll defs pick up some swaggin’ dance moves.

6. This:

7. It’s THE birth place of all street slang. E.g. *whatever major loser*

8. If you’re having a tough day, it’s totally the norm to sing about it.

9. You’ll be serenaded by a straight-haired Joe Jonas:

10. And might even score a kiss with a curly haired Joe Jonas...

11. You’ll 3000% find yourself…

12. And will learn how to cook.

13. You will get to experience world-class performances:

14. At the end of the camp you get to perform to a sold-out crowd and live out your dreams of ~stardom~