So Regina George’s little sister from ‘Mean Girls’ is all grown up and she's like, really pretty

She's like, really pretty.

By Natasha Harding

If, like us, you still quote Mean Girls on the reg (‘cause you’re cool like that) then you might want to hold on to your seats ‘cause you’re about to feel seriously OLD. Hearing that the best goddamn movie came into our lives 12 years ago is one thing, but seeing the kids in the movie now as adults is another thing entirely.

Remember Regina George’s little sister, Kylie, who loved to flash dance to Kelis’ early noughties toon ‘Milkshake’?

TBF, it’s pretty hard to forget.

Welp, here comes the bombshell: the actress who played Kylie, Nicole Crimi, is now 20-years-old.


Asides from being like, really pretty, Crimi is also an uber-talented artist, creating her own masterpieces and making her way in the world like a total BOSS.

Grool huh?

Oh and here she is just patting a tiger like it's NBD.

Basically, she's one pretty cool chick and it's not our fault we're, like, in love with her or something.