Okay so we're 3,000% obsessed with Riverdale, and here's why you should be too


By Bianca Mastroianni
Riverdale new season recap

Just as Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars come to an end (sobs), we were starting to think there is nothing left to watch. We obviously couldn't be having that, and apparently, neither could the universe because Riverdale has debuted and holy heck it's SO GOOD!

It's basically Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars, which, as you can imagine means DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!

Riverdale is basically the moody, sexy, show you've been waiting for, with an insanely hot cast that includes Cole freaking Sprouse - the narrator.

The plot begins with WTH happened to Jason Blossom on July 4th. He went on a boat ride with his twin sister Cheryl Blossom, and hours later was missing, with his sister crying at the riverbank. His body was never found, but was ruled as "dead" not long after. We see a blonde, Stepford Wives looking woman happy he's dead, wishing him to "burn in hell", damn.

We then go on to meet all the main characters, and here's what we think of them...


Welcome Riverdale's Blair Waldorf. Originally from NYC, she's rich, she's a snob and her father has just been charged with fraud. Now, her and her mother Hermione have moved to the small town of Riverdale to start over.


Betty is sort of the Serena Van Der Woodsen in this situation, but much more innocent. She's the A+ student who is apparently the daughter of the Stepford Wives crazy mum.

She's completely in love with her next-door-neighbor (and you will be too), and BFF's with Kevin Keller, the adorable gay guy.


Kevin is already the best character. He is loyal, funny and gorgeous. Not to mention he is the best wing-man ever to Betty. He warns Veronica off Archie 'cos he and Betty are "end game", all the while making Veronica feel welcome on her first day. Bless him.


Oh my god we didn't think we could possibly fall in love with another hot guy on TV, but we definitely can. THOSE BROWS, THAT HAIR, HIS JAW. Everything.

Archie is the sweet boy-next-door who aced puberty. Betty loves him but he sees her as a friend and is totally smitten by the new girl, Veronica... but wait for it... he's totally had a fling with the hot, young teacher (who really looks like Cheryl Cole) Miss Geraldine Grundy.

Miss Geraldine Grundy

On July 4th - the day Jason Blossom went missing, Archie Andrews and Miss Grundy were canoodling by the lake. They heard a gun-shot, and later found out about Jason. Neither of them said anything to the police because how does an underage student and teacher explain what they were doing together at 6am on the holdiays at a lake?! Hmmmm. Archie is all torn from his decision, taking up music to A). Be more of a wounded hottie and B). Get closer to Miss Grundy - the music teacher.


If you thought Veronica was the mean-girl you were sorely mistaken. Jason's twin-sister has some mega crazy vibes going as she doesn't seem to be mourning her brother that much. She's also the head of the cheer leading squad, and epically bullies Betty when she tried out with Veronica. Betty's older sister Polly actually dated Jason Blossom, and their break-up was "messy". This resulted in Polly's unraveling, and their Stepford mum blames Jason. Therefore - rivalry.


The resident Alison DiLaurentis of the show. Jason is the centre of the drama as he was killed. He's Cheryl's twin brother, he dated Betty's older sister Polly, and Stepford mum HATES is guts. TBC...


Welcome our narrator, AKA Cole Sprouse. He's basically a lonlier Lonely Boy, as he's ~investigating~/writing what went down with Jason Blossom's death.

At the end of the show, we see Archie head into the diner Jughead has been the entire duration of the episode. Archie just made out with Veronica in the closet, after he and V knew about Betty's love for him. He's understandably feeling like crap and asks for Jughead's advice. He tells him to talk to her, as it will go a long way. He admits it would have gone a long way with him, alluding to the fact that Archie and Jughead were total BFFs once.

Anyway's at the end of the show we see Jason's body is found, with a bullet in his head. MYSTERY!


Archie’s dad and Veronica’s mum Hermione have a past. Weird.

There is a band in the school called “Josie and the Pussycats’” much like these Josie and the Pussycats…

Turns out the movie was based on the Archie comic of them!!!

Like we said, this show is epic and we're already obsessed. Netflix will be releasing new episodes weekly, and we'll continue to die over Archie and Jughead.


Watch the trailer for the next episode below: