Ryan Murphy has revealed more deets about the next 'AHS' season

We legit don't know how to feel RN!

By Matt Galea
Ryan Murphy has revealed more deets about the next 'AHS' season

American Horror Story is known for pushing the boundaries in their themes, with each season getting even darker than the last and considering the most recent season, Roanoke was dark AF, we were all too keen to see what they’re planning next!

A couple of weeks ago, Ryan Murphy opened up his vault and revealed some deets about the theme of the 6th season that had us excited but low-key terrified at the same time.

”The season that we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election that we just went through,” he told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

Naturally, he was then asked if there would be a Trump-esque character in the season, to which he slyly replied, ”maybe.”

We all lost our friggen minds with excitement for an upcoming eff-you-to-Trump season but unforch, Murphy low-key took it back.

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While at the Publicists Guild Awards Luncheon in L.A., Ryan cleared up his statement, “you will not see [Donald] Trump and [Hillary] Clinton as characters on the show.”

He continued: “Now as I look over at Sarah Paulson, I think of Kellyanne Conway. I don’t know! I might be rewriting!”

Well that’s a big letdown, innit?

Although, if the past seasons are anything to go by, there will probz be major hints to Trump and Hillary through the characters and the dialogue.

The only other deets that we know so far is that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are 3000% returning.

Watch this space for the latest on AHS ‘cos we at DOLLY are totally OBSESSED!

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