Sailor Moon is heading to cinemas and we aren't even kidding

We need the moon prism power.

Like most girls who went to school in the ’90s, and ate breakfast/got ready in front of the TV (long live Agro’s Cartoon Connection and Cheez TV), Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts were a big inspiration, and not just for hairstyle ideas and fun ways to customise our uniforms.

Which means anything Sailor Moon gets our attention, including the fact that lucky fans in America get to watch our favourite meatball-headed heroine on the big screen next year!

Sailor Moon R The Movie: The Promise of the Rose is being released in US theaters cinemas in January next year, and it’s going to be the first of three movies, which means we might have a trilogy situation on our hands. A trilogy situation that will be made 1,000x better if us Aussie Scouts can get in on the action too!

The plot has something to do with the Scouts coming to the rescue of the dreamy Tuxedo Mask, who has been captured by a mysterious alien called Fiore. Ooh. There will be an English dub, just like how we watched it growing up, but anime purists will also get a Japanese dub with subtitles option.

No word yet if Sailor Moon R is getting an Aussie release, but if it comes we’ll be first in line in our Sailor Scout costumes.

Words: Jessica Chandra