Taylor Lautner's first 'Scream Queens' episode kept making 'Twilight' jokes


By Sammy Stewart

The season premiere of Scream Queens season 2 aired last night and it was a) bloody, b) bitchy and c) featured A LOT of hot doctors. Didn't manage to watch it last night? Here's all the VITAL things that went down...

It’s set in a hospital with a ~dark~ past.

It starts off with a flashback to Halloween in 1985. A pregnant woman left her sick husband in the care of the doctors, but instead they just killed him and dumped his body in the swamp. Great start...

The Chanels are poor now.

And have to volunteer at an experimental hospital called CARE run by Dean Musnch.

Taylor Lautner could be dead… or a lizard.

But this was DEFINITELY a New Moon reference.

This Nurse has it out for Chanel.

Her name is Ingrid Hoffel.

Chanel’s got the ~hots~ for the new older male Doctor.

Pretty sure his transplanted hand is possessed.

Chanel’s still a b*tch

Old habits die hard.

The Green Devil has taken over from the Red Devil

And he/she’s just as ruthless but had GREAT taste in music.

Dat 'Twilight' reference tho

This chick was a werewolf and a VIOLENT nod to Taylor Lautner's most iconic role.

Chanel #5 could be dead.

She really shouldn't have locked herself in that bath.

Also important, WHERE THE HECK IS GRACE?!

We know she's not on the show anymore, but we'd like an in-story reason pls.