There's another ~secret~ game hidden in FB messenger that you won’t be able to stop playing

By Bianca Mastroianni

Facebook Messenger app has proven once again that it's no ordinary instant messaging software.

From its ~snazzy~ new emojis to its calling system and all the features in-between. It also has two awesome hidden games that we are lowkey addicted to.

The basketball game the app's developers brought out earlier in the year was mega-successful, and with the current European Championship happening (some big old soccer tournament), what better way to celebrate than to make a soccer game for the app?!

The game is the online version of the popular soccer warm-up game 'Keepy Uppy', when you try keep the soccer ball in the air for as long as possible by kicking it up with your knees and feet.

Like the B.Ball game, it's hidden behind a soccer ball emoji. Tap away and get immensely sore fingers/waste your entire existence trying to beat your friend's high score.