18 secrets you never knew about 'The Vampire Diaires'


By Sammy Stewart
18 secrets you never knew about 'The Vampire Diaires'

Truly, madly and deeply obsessed with The Vampire Diaries? Test out your knowledge and see how many of these secrets from the show you know...

1. Delena was originally meant to happen way later in the show’s storyline. Showrunner Julie Plec revealed the writers never wanted Damon and Elena to happen, but thanks to the fans they eventually wrote it into the show.

2. Salvatore who? Damon and Stefan Salvatore were almost called the Whitemore brothers. In fact, it’s even mentioned in the final script draft.

3. Call from a Vampire. Back in season 2, episode 12, a phone number was shown on the screen and it belonged to Isobel, Elena’s mum. A few fans decided to call that number cos #YOLO and all and they were sent a recorded message from the show’s main cast!

4 Katherine’s fake inside and out. Despite the fact that Nina Dobrev has incredibly gorgeous (and natural) long hair, her doppelgänger Katherine actually wore a wig.

5. Ever notice the episode titles? Every episode title in season five was actually named after a movies. There was Gone Girl, What Lies Beneath and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

6. Paul Wesley almost wasn’t Stefan. Can you imagine anyone else playing Stefan? NOPE. Turns out it took Paul Wesley 15 attempts to land the role.

7. The power of Stelena. Although they weren’t endgame, it was Paul’s audition with Nina Dobrev that convinced the writers that he was going to be the perfect choice to play Stefan

8. The show is actually a matchmaker. Pretty much EVERYONE has found love on the set of Mystic Falls. For a while Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder dated. Klaus and Bonnie’s mum are actually married IRL, Paul Wesley dated Torrey DeVito (Meredith Fell and Spencer’s sister on PLL) and now dates Phoebe Tonkin, who played Hayley.

9. Ian never wanted to be the good boy. Tis true. During an interview with ET, Ian Somerhalder admitted that he “hated” it when Damon went soft and was totally against it.

10. So many doppelgängers. Since Nina had so many damn lookalikes to play, she would keep a separate script for each character.

11. The blood is edible. There’s a reason the actors don’t mind a bit of blood, it’s actually corn syrup, food colouring, salt and peppermint extract. Minty fresh!

12. Ashley Tisdale was almost Elena. We love Ashley, but we could not imagine ANYONE else as Miss Gilbert.

13. Ian was inspired by the IRL Damon Salvatore. No, sadly this bloke isn’t a vampire, but executive producer Les Morgenstein knew a guy named Damian Salvatore when he was growing up and yes, he was a badass.

15. Jeremy should be Elena’s older brother. Steven R. McQueen is actually six months older than Nina Dobrev!

16. Sound familiar? Steven R. McQueen also happens to be the grandson of Hollywood icon Steve McQueen.

17. DILF ALERT! Zach Roerig is a super hot single dad and has full custody of his daughter, whose mother is incarcerated in a federal prison.

18. Klaus Mikaelson was supposed to die asap. Thankfully, the writers loved Joseph Morgan so damn much, that they kept him on for another season which led to his character’s own show!