Shay Mitchell just dropped a ~major~ spoiler about the ‘PLL’ finale

“It’s an ending that is truly going to shock the audience.”

By Matt Galea
Shay Mitchell just dropped a ~major~ spoiler about the ‘PLL’ finale

As the countdown to the unveiling of ‘A’ heats up, more and more spoilers are being dropped about how the show will end.

One of the leading ladies, Shay Mitchell recently hinted at who her character, Emily ends up with in the finale.

“Emily has, you know, a couple other ladies to choose from,” she told ET. “All I can say is that Emily will end up with someone who she cares deeply about.”


Our money is on Alison, TBH!

Emily defs cares a heck of a lot about her and #Emison has serious potential!

Fans are also anticipating a PLL wedding in the final season, so we wonder if this latest reveal means that Emily and Alison are set to tie the knot?

Shay recently expressed that she couldn’t be any more different to her PLL counterpart, but admitted that she will miss her character like crazy.

“We are very different, and that’s the fun part about acting in general, getting to play a character and really stepping into their shoes,” she shared about Emily. “So I did that for seven years, and it was so much fun. And at the end of it I even got to take home a couple pairs of sneakers.”

Shay added about the series end: “There are so many different surprises. Honestly, I feel that the writers ended our show in the most perfect way.”

The 29-year-old admitted that although the ending is "perfect”, it’s still going to be “an ending that is truly going to shock the audience, and at the same time answer all of the questions that they had over the seven years. I’m pretty confident that the fans are going to love it as much as we loved filming it.”

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This just made us a whole lot more excited for the finale!