This photo of shiny legs has officially made everyone on the internet lose their mind

This is the new blue+black/white+gold dress drama.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Ugh, we didn't need this!

The internet been completely divided over this picture a girl uploaded of legs. Initially, they look shiny as heck and you wonder if they're covered in oil/tightly wrapped in plastic wrap.

BUT THEN, you see the caption: "are these legs shiny and oily or are they legs with white paint on them?"


Like we said, this is the blue+black/white+gold dress drama all over again and we weren't ready.

Once you see the paint, it can't be unseen. Even if you were SO sure it was oily as heck.

According to psychologist Tom Toppino, the reason why we see white paint after shiny legs is because of a lil thing called "sensory cues."

When you first look at the pic, you know the legs can be shiny and oily, meaning you're open to seeing just that. But once you're actually told that white paint exists, you begin to search the photo for clues and in doing so, see the art supplies around the legs.

AH. Our brain hurts.