All the OMG moments from the 'Riverdale' season two trailer

We still can't deal.

By j-14

After Riverdale’s heart-attack-inducing cliff-hanger in season one, we’ve been dying to know what’s going to happen to Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica (but mostly Jughead) in season two.

Then, finally, the trailer for the new season dropped, and suffice to say were SHOOK…

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When we last saw the Riverdale gang, they had just solved Jason Blossom’s murder thanks to a well-concealed USB flash drive. The video was horrific and heart-wrenching, but hey, at least that’s one mystery taken care of. Milkshakes all around!

Varchie and Bughead parted ways to celebrate, uh, intimately, with Betty and Jughead getting interrupted by the Southside Serpents. Ugh, whatever. Cheryl low-key committed arson on her family estate in order to purify it, because she’s a freaking maniac but like, to be fair her family just decreased by half and she just learned her entire life is a lie. And the next day Archie, all a-glow, goes to meet up with his dad.

Seriously, after all the crap our bbs went through, some masked figure just waltzed into Pop’s and shot Fred Andrews. Bye bye, last scraps of Riverdale’s innocence, it’s been real.
So yeah, tl;dr we’re pretty intrigued to climb up from this cliff-hanger and see what happens next. So take a sip of all the tea that is the upcoming season two drama…

1. When Archie has to carry his bleeding father through the hallways because omg.

Although, sidebar, is the Riverdale hospital like, really really close to Pop's? 'Cause otherwise we feel like maybe calling 911 would be more practical.

2. And then the fam gets there and brings it in for a group hug.

Honestly they're #friendshipgoals for real.

3. And then we get a close-up of Archie's jacket and it is seriously too much to handle.

The dry cleaning bill is going to be ridic, but also, LOOK AT THE LITTLE SIGNATURES HE HAS ON HIS CAST, awwww!

4. When Jughead quasi-accuses Arch of maybe withholding information.

Part of what makes you endearing is your utter lack of pokerface." Yeah, Archie, share with the whole group.

5. When Betty's eyes look like they're about to explode out of her face.

She's the queen of shocked eye-widening but this is especially impressive. It's been a rough few months for everyone.

6. When Archie starts wielding that baseball bat and looking freaked out AF.

Which, understandable, this a town where fathers murder their sons (and fathers also get shot at the local diner).

7. When Pop launches into a monologue about Fred Andrews almost being murdered.

"It's like the angel of death had come to Riverdale." Dude, we don't know, it already seemed like the Angel of Death had been making himself comfortable here.

8. When Cheryl promises her mum that things will be better from now on but...


Dude, this chick is soooo grounded when her mum gets out of the hospital.

Need to overanalyse some more? Check it out again below!

Via: J-14