10 struggles you'll only understand if you're addicted to Snapchat

Hey Snappy, why you do dis?

By Amber Manto
10 signs you're addicted to Snapchat

1. You re-watch your story so many times and think it's so exceptional, you're surprised you haven’t won the award for Best Picture.

2. You spend so long playing with ~face-distorting~ filters that when you finally turn them off you feel so beautiful that you wonder when to expect your call from Victoria’s Secret.

3. You reply to a snap with an old-school text, then go back to check what you actually said again but it's ~disappeared~.

4. You accidently click on someone’s story again then feel like a real creepier cos they’ll see you’ve replayed the whole thing.

5. You live for fresh stories so much that when you see the little spinning circle it's like you just got out of going to maths class.

Opens Snapchat; no new updates; closes Snapchat; opens Snapchat; sees update, watches immediately; waits for more updates

6. When you’re listening to a really embarrassing album and make a Snapchat video but forget it records the music, so now everybody knows you're a fan of the *Camp Rock* soundtrack.

7. When you forget you can’t take a screenshot without them knowing so you may as well have just done this...

8. You get angry that the dog filter has been there FOREVER. #BringBackTheBeautyFilter

9. You accidently click on one of those “Discover” apps that you have zero interest in but it's too late, you're trapped and are forced to watch it.

10. You spend your nights making this face, trying to work out what activates the filters...

Happy snapping!