This skirt is going viral because it looks like it’s covered in period blood

It’s pretty unfortunate.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Niall Horan

The picture below has made the internet lose all chill for all of the wrong and very unfortunate reasons. Take a look and tell us what you think…

At first glance, people are saying (and we kinda agree) this JCPenney skirt looks like it's covered in period blood. Like, if you squint your eyes and glance over the picture it's legit a big fat period stain placed in the most unfortunate area.

The image was captured by an Imgur user who captioned it: "Really could've picked a better place for that "flower" design..."

The combo of the dreaded white skirt (which you would NEVER wear on your period just FYI), the deep mauve colouring, the water-colour like pattern and the fact that, when in motion, it lands right on the crotch, is what has sent people into a spin.

But hey, it’s a pretty cute skirt if you just see it for what it really is. So if you want to buy it, don’t let this stop you. XX