Snapchat is changing again and we can no longer breathe

You're going to HATE this.

By Amber Manto

We’d kinda hoped faithful Snapchat wouldn't make any sucky changes like Facebook and Instagram constantly do.

Last week Snapchat Discover got a major overhaul and the app’s design a freshen up, and TBH it looked pretty swanky.

Seems Snappy ain’t done with the changes though and now, like FB and Insty, they’ve decided to cash in on their success and will amp up the advertising.

Snapchat will start showing you video ads for beauty and clothing products as well as movies trailers, between your friends' stories, reports AdWeek.

However before you stamp your foot and vow to delete the app forever, Snappy is apparently making these ads skippable. They also won’t be inserted into the stories themselves, like YouTube is known to do with its vids, reports The Verge. There will also be a limit to how many ads you see each day so you’re not bombarded.

So that's good.

You can expect these ads to invade your app in a few weeks time.