Snapchat is changing the way your Snaps delete

But they will delete, right?

By Amber Manto

The best thing about Snapchat has gotta be the ability to take the crappiest pic/ugliest selfie, send it to your friend have it disappear in seconds, or upload it to your MyStory and have it vanish within 24 hours. Sure people can take screenshots but you always know so it’s a godsend compared to the rest of the internet where stuff stays around – forever.

Snappy is now changing all this with its new Memories feature, which Snapchat describes in a blog post as "a new way to save Snaps and Stories on Snapchat. It’s a personal collection of your favourite moments that lives below the Camera screen."

In other words, it’ll store all of those snaps you send – only if you choose to save them though. It’s pretty much the same deal as now, where you can save a Snap to your camera roll, only by using this feature it’ll be stored and backed up by Snapchat’s servers.

Ok so that’s not that bad, right? Unless you’re BFF pinches your phone for a browsie through (standard BFF stuff). Nope, Snappy has thought of that too and created a “My Eyes Only” folder so you can file away those snaps you’ve sent and want to keep, but that you’d rather other people never stumble across.

So why do you want these old snaps hanging around? Well, other than re-watching/viewing them countless times to remind yourself how much of a creative genius you are, you’ll also be able to upload these old snaps into your new MyStory. However they’ll appear with a frame around them so your friends know they’re a memory snap.

The new feature will be rolled out over the next month or so; you’ll get a chat from Snappy when it’s ready for you to use.