Snapchat's new feature is just what we needed to get over that Instagram change

Thnx Snappy.

By Amber Manto

Unlike the day we woke up to find Insta had changed… for the worst, today was like waking up on Christmas morning.

If your phone automatically downloads updates, you may have noticed the latest version of Snapchat now includes HEAPS of stickers which you can add to your snaps.

And we mean heaps – we were scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…

They’re saaaah cute and quite a step up from the standard emojis.

Soz emojis but you've had your time in the spotlight.

It's almost like Snapchat raided Tumblr or something...

^ See? Masterpiece.

Here's just a few of the custom-designed stickers on offer...


To check them all out, update your app, take a pic and head to the notes tab (where you access emojis). It's like a virtual sticker book in there!