So turns out there’s a real-life mermaid

And these photos of her are UNBELIEVABLE!

So turns out there’s a real-life mermaid

For all of the peeps out there who don’t believe in tooth fairies, elves, unicorns and other magical creatures along that stream, well, we have some news for you: MERMAIDS ARE REAL.

Well… kind of…

In Florida there’s a girl called Melissa Mermaid (yep, she legally changed her name) who has been performing as a mermaid for 10 years. NEW LIFE GOAL

By the age of 12, Melissa Mermaid could already hold her breath for two-and-a-half minutes and now she can hold it for up to five.

Melissa is so dedicated she has a tail attached to her body so she can perform as a mermaid.

Ariel Melissa performs at live mermaid events, aquariums, corporate gigs and even pool parties (SO checking her availabilities next summer) to promote “ocean education through underwater entertainment”.

Living the dream, much?!