Stay calm but we’re about to get 72 brand-new emojis

See-ya alphabet.

By Amber Manto

You know when you’re texting your friend to ask if if they’d like to go canoeing and eat dumplings after school but there’s just no emojis to convey this so you have to resort to using actually letters?


Unicode Consortium, the folks in charge of the emoji keyboard, have approved 72 brand-spanking new picture characters so we can do away with letters once and for all.

For months we've all been praying for a butterfly, avocado and face palm and these cries didn't go unheard. The emoji gods will deliver these to a phone near you this MONTH!

Courtesy of [Emojipedia](
Courtesy of Emojipedia

You can check out the full list RIGHT HERE.

Our phones have never been more ready for an update. Bring it!