This hack will stop you from crying every single time

If you're in a sitch where you don't want tears, this is how you stop 'em.

By Erin Cook

Unwanted tears - they happen to the best of us.

One minute you’re chillin' on cloud nine and the next minute, One Direction has gone on hiatus, right before math class and… OH MY GOD I'M WELLING UP.

Look, if you do cry at school, that’s okay. You’re only human. Sometimes having a good ol’ sob is the best way to move forward. But if you want to avoid crying altogether, we’ve found a simple hack that’ll (supposedly) stop the tears every. single. time.

The trick is to catch it before it happens. When your chin starts to wobble and you feel like you’re going to lose it, you need to PINCH DOWN ON THAT LITTLE BIT OF SKIN BETWEEN YOUR THUMB AND POINTER FINGER AND PINCH IT GOOD GODDAMNIT!

According to Ad Vingerhoets, a scientist from Tilburg University in the States, the physical sensation of pain is usually enough to distract you from the emotional pain that is making you want to cry. Makes sense, right?

While talking to the Science of Us, he explained that emotional tears are usually the result of feeling helpless. Tensing your muscles can make you physically feel like you’re more in control. “I can imagine that, more generally, increasing muscle tension and moving may limit your crying response, because it seems that crying is in particular a passive and helpless reaction,” he said.

Now, for the most important piece of advice. he also reckons that if you’ve had a bad day – tears or no tears – it’s vital that you go home, kick up your feet and treat yourself to a chocolate binge.*

*Vingerhoets did not say this. But you should have some chocolate anyway.

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