Watch Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown shave ALL her hair to become Eleven

This lil actress is not to be messed with.

By Sammy Stewart

It's pretty common for actors to go to ~extreme~ lengths to get into character for their roles. Heck Harry Styles apparently ditched electricity in preparation for his character in Dunkirk.

But the real OG is 3000% Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.

ICYMI, the internet has become OBSESSED with Netflix's new show Stranger Things, which is kinda like a sci-fi PLL but with boys and one girl; Eleven played by Millie.

In preparation for her role, Millie had to cut off ALL of her ~luscious~ hair into a science-experiment-looking buzz-cut. The twelve-year-old actress shared the actual moment she became Eleven on her Twitter yesterday and we're not gonna lie, it's pretty damn inspiring.


Now that filming has stopped for a bit, Millie's been rocking a pretty adorable pixie cut and low-key making us wanna go for the chop. However, there's a solid chance babes is gonna have to get it shaved off AGAIN for the second season, with the show's creators implying it's most likely gonna pick up straight after the first.

Whatever happens, can we pls just say: