The way this student got his entire class out of a chemistry quiz is what dreams are made of

How to be the most popular kid in school.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Ever thrown a scrunched up piece of paper at the recycling bin in class, landed it, and felt like an absolute ~god~?

Well your 3-pointer has just become so irrelevant, because THIS hero of a student landed the most epic shot of all time, in result, getting his entire class out of a chemistry quiz.

Not all heroes wear capes.

A classmate posted the now viral vid of the student [Benny] making the shot, captioning it: "S/o to Benny for making this shot and getting the entire lecture an automatic 100 on our first ochem quiz."

A Reddit user from the class explained that the professor had made the promise that "there would be no quiz, expecting that the shot would miss." Clearly, the professor doubted this kids mad skills, and when he landed it, decided they "still had to take it, but it was based on participation."

Teachers ruin all the fun...

The Redditor continued to say that "The hype and applause that followed was unreal." Now someone get that kid a medal.