Taissa Farmiga finally appeared on 'American Horror Story' but fans aren't happy


By Sammy Stewart

After waiting for what seems 300 years, Ryan Murphy decided to FINALLY give the people what they want; the return of Miss Taissa Farmiga.

Unlike most of the reoccurring cast, Taissa hasn't been on the anthropology series since season three's Coven, and it's safe to say babes is a fan favourite.

In the second last episode of this season's legit scary American Horror Story: Roanoke, Taissa rocked up as Sophie Green, an enthusiast of the show-within-a-show My Roanoke Nightmare. Along with her two mates, Sophie was keen to capture some IRL spooky stuff on camera herself but... like most of the show's characters, things took a turn for the worst.

Right before the episode ended, Sophie was caught by the villagers and lowkey had the ~nastiest~ on-screen death our poor eyes have ever experienced.

Let's just say it involved a very pointy stick, fire and us making this face the entire time:

The internet was pretty much feeling the same as us:

Ugh, let's hope babes gets a better role next season.