12 extremely ~hot~ Taylor Lautner moments you forgot about

Taylor Lautner is rising, y'all.

By Sammy Stewart

In case you haven't been on the right websites, you might not be aware that Taylor Lautner is rising. It's been three years since The Twilight Saga came to an end, and we're feeling all sorts of #grateful that our favourite backflipping, hunkasaurus rex babe is coming back in our lives. You can can catch Taylor Lautner in the all-new season of Scream Queens but til then, let's take a look at some of his defining moments, shall we?

1. We think everyone can agree on the fact that you first fell in love with a smol Taylor in "Sharkboy and Lava Girl"...

2. We then experienced his ~sMoOtH MoVes~ in "Cheaper By The Dozen 2" and knew it was love.

3. You suddenly had a thing for guys with hair longer than yours when you saw him in "Twilight"...

4. You physically had to close your jaw after it dropped in this scene:

5. You low-key always wished someone'd pick you up from school like this:

6. Your thirst had peaked during this scene:

7. You were literally parched during this scene:

8. You really wanted to be Kristen Stewart when this happened:

9. And when this happened:

10. How could we forget his ICONIC Rolling Stones cover?

11. Aside from being a level 10 babe, he's also ~very~ skilled in acrobatics.

12. How could you forget that time he totally ~served~ it to Kanye after the first time he shaded Taylor Swift?!

You can catch Taylor Lautner as Dr Cassidy Cascade in Scream Queens on September 20th.