After Donald Trump attacked a teenage girl on Twitter, something really scary happened


By Bianca Mastroianni

Some may hate him, a lot, but if the US election is anything to go by, there are more that love Donald Trump.

So when you stand up to him, his supporters will do exactly that, support him... in their own way.

The Washington Post have followed a story of an 18-year-old student, Lauren Batchelder, who spoke to Donald Trump in a town hall a year ago.

Here's how the publication recounted the interaction...

The morning after, Donald called her out on Twitter. Well, he called her a "plant".

After that tweet, her phone began immediately ringing with threatening calls, and ones that were often sexual in nature. Her social media accounts, emails and messages were filled with similar, awful messages and she was all over the news - including her photo. She basically had to go into hiding.

You can read the whole story here, and see how one girl's life got so horribly affected after asking Donald Trump a challenging question.