Teen Wolf’s executive producer just dropped some HUGE spoilers about the finale

~Siren sounds~ Spoiler alert! ~Siren sounds~

By Matt Galea
Teen Wolf’s executive producer just dropped some HUGE spoilers about the finale

Not long now ‘til our fave howlers of Teen Wolf leave our screens forever and even though we’re fighting back tears, we are keen AF to see how it ends!

While we wait not-so-patiently to see how one of our fave shows will wrap up, we all have loads of questions that we need answered.

As we know, the final season of Teen Wolf will include a part A and a part B.

Speaking to the show’s executive producer, Jeff Davis, asked what we could expect from Stiles in part B.

Davis responded by saying, and this may distress some of you, ”I can’t say anything yet. This may be the final time you see Stiles.”

If you can handle more blows after that shocking little revelation, read on…

”It [Part B] picks up several months later after Scott and the others have graduated and about to head off into their lives,” the show’s EP revealed.

” And, of course, something happens to interrupt that where they realize that they may have to stay in Beacon Hills just a little bit longer before they can finally say goodbye. It happens to be incredibly challenging or their most challenging adversaries ever?”

Jeff also revealed that certain relationships that have not yet been fully explored will become a major theme towards the end of the series.

“One of the things that we really wanted to show was… we talked about this is our final season and what were the relationships we hadn’t explored yet,” Jeff said.

“If it was another season, it would have been Scott and Stiles’ friendship that finally breaks that barrier, or it’s the connection between Stiles and his father. This was the one we hadn’t explored. This was the ground we hadn’t traversed yet and we wanted to make this season, we knew were only going to have Dylan O’Brien for a few episodes, and we were thinking, ‘How do we pay tribute to this character? How do we take him down a new path?’ For us, this was the time to bring Stiles and Lydia together. And to make it incredibly meaningful.”

So it looks like there’ll be minimal Dyl in the finale…

Like, we knew that and we were preparing for it, but it hurts like hell to hear it this close to the end.