BREAKING: Major news about "Teen Wolf" has just been announced at Comic-Con and prepare to cry

Not sure if we can handle this news RN.

By Bianca Mastroianni

In the most devastating news we could possibly bring you ever (slight exaggeration, but necessary for effect), Teen Wolf show-runner Jeff Davis just announced season six will be their last.

The cast (MINUS DYLAN O'BRIEN - WE HAVE EYES YOU KNOW) appeared on the panel for today's Comic-Con, and revealed the 20-episode season will end on their 100th episode. Fitting.

“I know we’re sad about it and it’s bittersweet but we’re so happy to be able to come to Comic-Con and share it with you guys,” Jeff said, before hugging star Tyler Posey.

“There’s nothing negative about all this,” he continued. “I’m really happy. I’m going to cry my eyes out [at the end]. And it’s going to be an ugly-cry too.”


Co-star Holland Roden added, “I grew up with this gang of boys basically during my entire 20s… and it’s been the craziest ride. I probably wouldn’t be acting if it wasn’t for this show.”

Going back to our Dylan thought - he has been confirmed to star in season six, BUT WHERE WAS HE AT COMIC-CON?! He has never missed one. HMM.

Where are you boo?!?! ;(

EW had the exclusive first look at the trailer for the final season, and OMG we couldn't be more keen/sad/confused right now.

MTV will air the final season in November 2017, so til then... binge-watch the entire series because you're going to be suffering from major Teen Wolf withdrawals very soon.