Teen sues Virgin Australia over a coffee spill that burnt his peen


By Sammy Stewart
A teenager is suing Virgin Australia over a coffee spill

A teenager from Victoria who suffered burns to his groin area after spilling coffee during an International Virgin Australia flight has decided to sue the company.

During a May 2015 flight, 16-year-old Rhett Butler was served a cup of coffee from the cabin crew, which apparently slid off the tray table and into his lap, causing burns, blisters and scarring to his thighs, groin and genitals.

"The blisters were the size of 50c pieces and looked like jellyfish - the ones that float around up in Cairns", the teenager told the Daily Telegraph.

According to The Guardian the incident occurred not long after the flight from Los Angeles to Sydney took off. Rhett's father insists he had to provide medical assistance for the rest of the journey due to the "absence" and lack of help from the cabin crew. "Mr Butler said he used his own dressing because there were only two bandages and two ice packs on the flight", a statement from Shine Lawyers reveals.

The claim against the company also states that the tray table didn't secure the cup well enough and appeared to be faulty as it was titling downwards towards the teen.

Virgin Australia have since confirmed that "an incident did occur" and has since released the following statement: "Virgin Australia takes the safety and comfort of our passengers extremely seriously, however given this particular matter has not yet been resolved it would not be appropriate to comment any further."