That one time I met Justin Bieber...

Our online editor Aimie spills about what it was really like when she met the Biebs.

From the minute Universal Music told me I was going to meet Biebs, you could not wipe the smile off my face. In fact, I dared people to try. For reals though, I have been a massive Bieber fan since, well, forever and daydreamed on the daily about how we’d hit it off as BFFs.

When the day of Justin’s concert rolled around and I was waiting at the venue for security to take me to Justin, I reached new levels of excitement. That is, until I realised I was wearing a Kanye West tee. D’oh. “It’s a Bieber concert, Aimie, not Kanye.”

But turns out wearing a Kanye shirt to a Bieber meet-and-greet isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, when I walked in, I was greeted by Justin himself saying, “Hey gorgeous, I love your tee!” My inner fan-girl started freaking. He liked my tee and he called me gorgeous – zing!

Since then, I’ve made it my duty to remember every detail. Like the way his eyes sparkle when you look at them directly. Or the way he smiles so warmly and makes you feel like you are All That Matters (excuse the pun), despite there being security aplenty and no actual smile from the Biebs in our pic together.

As I stood next to him for our photo, he asked me how my day had been and put his arm around me. And while I planned to tell him all of the things we had in common and how we should be besties, all I had time to say was “thank you” before he winked at me and I was whisked away.

I can only explain the whole experience as magic. He was such a superstar and despite all the pouting and bad press, I can honestly say he seemed like a total sweetheart. Plus, I now understand the whole “OMG, I NEED TO CRY BECAUSE HE IS SO AMAZING” response he gets from girls. I’m not much of a squealer myself, but I totally get it. BIEBER4EVA.