Meet Raven's children in the brand new "That's So Raven" spinoff!

Nia and Booker!

By Sammy Stewart

ICYMI, That's So Raven is getting a reboot which will star the OG cast!

Variety reports that Raven is bringing back to life her old role, but now she's a divorced mum of two pre-teens - one of whom has inherited her gift of seeing the future.

The spinoff series set to hit the Disney Channel in 2017 will introduce us to Nia and Booker, Raven's children.

E! News says Nia is "bold and confident daughter who frequently finds herself in over her head. She's well-intentioned and won't give up when she sets her mind to something (even if it gets her into trouble), and always wants to help people and do what's right."

"She just started middle school and is great at science (though average in other subjects)—and her life gets way more complicated when she suddenly gets the power to see visions of the future."

As for Booker? "He's gullible and innocent and in no rush to grow up—and is an unapologetic mama's boy. He won't do something bad unless he's tricked into it (which is pretty easy to do), but will stand up for himself when he finally catches on to what's happening."

UGH, we LOVE them already!