The internet is losing it's goddamn mind over this chick's manicure

What is this wizardry?!?

By Sammy Stewart

Remember The Dress™ ? Pffft, of course you do. No one forgets The Dress™ debate that divided the planet.

The internet has found another mind-boggling phenomenon, and this time it's all focused around a woman's manicure.

On Monday, Twitter user @Larose419 posted a photo of her fleekin' new nailz.

Immediately, people started talking about the photo, except... they weren't discussing her killer mani.

One, two, three, four... hey, we're missing a pointer finger y'all...

Turns out the woman does have all five fingers, but decided that the picture looked best with her pointer finger out of the pic. As you can imagine, a brand new trend was born...

Bless the internet.